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Onahole Alune Oblivion of the Oppressed

Original price ¥4,500 - Original price ¥4,500
Original price
¥4,500 - ¥4,500
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Immerse yourself in the ultimate non-penetrative adult toy experience with onahole  Alune Oblivion of the Oppressed - a high-quality, lifelike adult toy offering an unmatched level of stimulation.  

 The "Vampire Princess" Alune of Cruelty has the "Infinite Tentacle Projection" that was popular in the "Tragic Love" series, and has been adjusted to create a rich internal spread to recreate the mature pussy of a vampire after awakening.

The unique stimulation of "Infinite Tentacle Projection" that cannot be experienced in other holes has been realized, offering an unmatched level of realism.

The onahole package size is H17.5 x W12.5 x D6.0 cm and the total length of the main body is approx. 17.5 cm, making this adult toy easy to store and transport. The total length of the effective insertion part is approx. 15.5 cm and the body weight is 430g, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting adult toy experience. The included lotion ensures a smooth and satisfying experience, every time.