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Onahole Awakening depth "Hida Combo Type R"

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¥4,300 - ¥4,300
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Awakening Depth "Hida Combo Type R": Ultimate Stimulation

Experience the ultimate in non-penetrating pleasure with the "Awakening Depth Hida Combo Type R",

Japanese Sex toys a unique male masturbation designed to provide unparalleled stimulation. This innovative product features a series of four distinct textures.

each carefully crafted to provide a high quality realistic sex feeling.

Key Features

  • Four unique textures: arrow, mountain, mountain, and protrusions
  • Oversized folds on the back side for added stimulation
  • "Dish" shape at the innermost part for perfect fit and control easy to clean

Product Details

  • Package size: H20.5 x W13.5 x D7.5cm
  • Body size: H6.5×W6.5×D15.0cm
  • Body weight: 310g pocket pussies

Unleash Your Desires

Order now and discover the Awakening Depth "Hida Combo Type R", a game-changing masturbator that will take your pleasure to new heights.