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onahole doll Iku Nagisa Reality Virgin 2

Original price ¥14,500 - Original price ¥14,500
Original price
¥14,500 - ¥14,500
Current price ¥14,500

Introducing the revolutionary onahole doll  Iku Nagisa Reality Virgin 2 - a game-changer in the world of pleasure! Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this non-penetrating masterpiece will take your fantasies to new heights.

With an ever-growing fanbase, we've listened to your desires and crafted a truly immersive experience. The Reality Virgin 2 boasts a lifted and irresistible butt that will leave you longing for more. Its super heavy and powerful design, complete with a realistic waist shape, will make you feel like you're in the throes of passion.

Prepare yourself for mind-blowing realism as you indulge in the most comfortable dick experience and tighten your grip on unrivaled anal pleasure. We've created an unforgettable sensation that will leave you craving more intimate encounters.

Packaged with care in a sizeable box (274 x 295 x 162mm),

the onahole doll  Iku Nagisa Reality Virgin 2 is ready to fulfill your wildest dreams.

So why wait? Embrace a world of unimaginable pleasure and experience sex like never before!