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onahole doll Magic Slender Loli

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¥19,000 - ¥19,000
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Masturbation turns into SEX! Onaho magic!Two pure holes of a slender beauty onahole doll  Magic Slender Loli.

Vagiroot and Anaroot. A long-awaited two-hole play that will make your dreams come true!

Swinging on the floor, in bed, at the desk!  If you use it in conjunction with VR video, the real sex feeling will increase even more!

The Vagi route is a giant Tamaibo placed near the entrance where the warts are placed on the folds, the middle point where the big eye warts are close together to create a tight and live feeling, and the Uterus zone, which is the ultimate masterpiece, Tawara Sandan. Completely reproduce the tightening!

Analto has completed a landing point that combines a realistic flesh wall shape with a comfortable shape.

Pleasure and excitement that change depending on the position with onahole doll  Magic Slender Loli.

A pleasant center that goes wild with real experiences!

Cook in your favorite position such as normal position, doggy style, competitive position, etc.

Package Size: 359x273x136mm | Body Size: 320x215x115mm | Weight: 2600g
登録日: 2023/05/22