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onahole doll Shiki ZERO Succubus GAL [HARD/Standard]

Original price ¥19,000 - Original price ¥19,000
Original price
¥19,000 - ¥19,000
Current price ¥19,000

Introducing the revolutionary onahole doll Masturbation Shiki ZERO Succubus GAL [HARD]! Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, this non-penetrating masterpiece is designed to take your pleasure to unimaginable heights.

Experience the ultimate in satisfaction with the unique zero-shaped entrance, ensuring zero frustration and maximum pleasure. Forget about those tight and uncomfortable sensations - our HARD edition offers a highly elastic material that can withstand even a 90 kg man!

Unleash your inner desires with this magical, pure, and perverted succubus. No matter the condition, it will absorb you into a world of intense pleasure like never before.

With convenient dimensions of 32.0×25.2×10.7cm, this sensationally crafted floor ona is ready to fulfill all your fantasies. Don't miss out on this mind-blowing experience -

discover a new level of ecstasy with onahole doll  Shiki ZERO Succubus GAL [HARD]!