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Onahole Dona Dona Do Bad Things Together Medico THE HOLE -

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Introducing the ultimate non-penetrative masturbator from Alice Soft x Tamatoids, featuring a lubricant-filled design and lotion included. This Dona Dona Collaboration Masturbator is perfect for those who want to shoot, ejaculate, and release sperm all over the place in these bad boys!

The newly developed urethane foam material is fluffy, durable, and non-oily, providing an ultimate pleasure experience. The foaming material makes it a "tanekarare" type ONH that invites pleasure.

The measurements of this masturbator are WT.190g, Shigeki 70, Shimetsuke 80, and Vacuum 50. The gimmick is Jiggle, providing a squeeze feeling.

With a package size of H160mm x W115mm x D80mm and a product size of 150mm x 50mm x 50mm, this masturbator is both compact and satisfying to hold.

Step into a world of sensual pleasure with the Dona Dona Do Bad Things Together Medico THE HOLE - Non-Penetrative Masturbator with Lotion. Order now and indulge in the ultimate sensual experience.