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Onahole extreme vortex

Original price ¥5,200 - Original price ¥5,200
Original price
¥5,200 - ¥5,200
Current price ¥5,200

Get ready for an extreme sensory experience with the Extreme Vortex - a non-penetrative adult toy that will take your pleasure to new heights. Complete with lotion for an indulgent experience, Extreme Vortex features a unique mesh carpet that twists and turns to stimulate both vertically and horizontally.

The hard material tightens tightly, providing a truly unique and satisfying sensation. The swirling mesh and twisting stimulation make Extreme Vortex the hardest in the world of twisting, offering a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

The stress odor is cut with hard touch air material, making Extreme Vortex both luxurious and hygienic. Made in Japan, Extreme Vortex is a testament to quality and innovation.

The package size of H205 x W135 x D75mm ensures a discreet and secure shipping experience, while the body size of 145×75mm and body weight of 450g make Extreme Vortex both satisfying and substantial.

Experience the ultimate in adult pleasure with Extreme Vortex - the hardest and most satisfying twisting sensation in the world. Don't wait - enter the whirlpool world of Extreme Vortex today.