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Onahole I fucked my best friend's girlfriend...

Original price ¥2,000 - Original price ¥2,000
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¥2,000 - ¥2,000
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Introducing the Ultimate Erotic Experience

Are you ready for an unparalleled level of pleasure? The "I fucked my best friend's girlfriend..." is a top-quality pussy toy for men designed to deliver maximum satisfaction and excitement. This product promises to fulfill all your desires and fantasies, offering an experience that is truly out of this world.

Warty Entrance and Stimulating Zones

The "I fucked my best friend's girlfriend..." features a warty zone where numerous warts are densely packed together, inviting you to go deep inside. The middle zone is highly stimulating, with horizontal folds filling the narrow passage and rubbing up against each other, creating an extraordinary sensation. The deepest zone, the uterus zone, is where the cock wants to be impregnated and forced to shoot!

 Tightly Packed 350g Body

The 350g thick body of this pussy toy is a greedy hole that is tightly packed, providing an extraordinary level of satisfaction and pleasure. It is a desire hole that adheres closely to the 350g thick body, ensuring that every touch feels like the real thing. This innovative design provides an unmatched level of stimulation and realism.

 Convenient and Compact Design

Conveniently sized at H180 x W110 x D70mm, the "I fucked my best friend's girlfriend..." is perfect for discreet storage or travel. This masterpiece of pleasure weighs just 350g, making it easy to transport and use whenever and wherever you desire.

 Upgrade Your Adult Toy Collection

Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your adult toy collection with the "I fucked my best friend's girlfriend...". This top-quality pussy toy for men offers an unmatched level of realism, unique sensation, and stimulation. Add the "I fucked my best friend's girlfriend..." to your collection today and experience a new level of pleasure.