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Discover a Revolutionary Experience with the Onaholes KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU555

Introducing the KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU555, a revolutionary new onahole that takes the famous instrument to a whole new level! This innovative toy is designed with the theme of "tightening" and "stimulating", providing an unparalleled experience that will leave you wanting more.

The inside of this work features 555 earthworms, beautifully created to provide a tight and stimulating sensation. The folds are strategically placed at the tightening parts, providing a unique and satisfying experience with every use. Whether you prefer deep penetration or a more gentle touch, the KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU555 has something for everyone.

The package size of this toy is Length: 9.0 cm x Width: 20.0 cm x Depth: 11.0 cm, while the body size is Overall length: 18.0 cm, internal length: 14.0 cm, maximum width: 8.2 cm. With its compact size and innovative design, the KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU555 is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add some excitement to their intimate moments.

Key Features

  • Revolutionary new onahole design
  • 555 earthworms for a tight and stimulating sensation
  • Strategically placed folds for added pleasure
  • Deep penetration and gentle touch options
  • Compact and discreet packaging
  • Perfect for those looking for a unique and satisfying experience