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Onahole KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU990 - Onaholes

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Revolutionize Your Intimate Experience with the KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU990 - A Unique Onahole from Japan

Discover the Ultimate Pleasure with KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU990

"A thousand worms" is not just an analogy but a reality with the KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU990 Onahole, made in Japan. With 990 earthworm-like folds, we have redefined the meaning of pleasure and sensation. Our product is a perfect balance of continuous projecting folds and winding long folds, providing an unmatched experience.

 Experience the Dual Material Design for Added Excitement

Our Onahole is designed with a dual material that enhances the experience. The first half of the product is made of a material that heightens the sensation, while the back portion is made of a different material for a smooth finish. This innovative design allows for a unique experience that is sure to leave you satisfied.

 Detailed Specifications for Optimal Use

The KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU990 Onahole measures 18 cm in total length, with an internal length of 13.8 cm and a maximum width of 8.2 cm. The package measures 9.0 cm in length, 20.0 cm in width, and 11.0 cm in depth. The product was registered on 2022/05/19 and comes with lotion included.