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Onahole Lori CQ2 Hard ware

Original price ¥3,450 - Original price ¥3,450
Original price
¥3,450 - ¥3,450
Current price ¥3,450

 Tight and Hard Non-Penetrating Pussy Toy for Men - Lori CQ2 Hardware

Experience the ultimate pleasure with Lori CQ2 Hardware, the non-penetrating pussy toy for men. This tight CQ is undeveloped, inexperienced, and unused HARD, providing an intense and hard sensation.

 Double CQ for Double Stimulation

The Lori CQ2 Hardware features an undeveloped tiny CQ and double CQ, providing double stimulation for ultimate pleasure. The hard narrow hole CQ structure can be pushed in tightly, giving you a hard and narrow hole feeling.

 Hard and Tight Sucking Sensation

The Lori CQ2 Hardware provides a hard and tight sucking sensation, with a narrow vaginal canal that awaits you further. The immature HARD adsorption and tightening way will make your dreams come true.

Discreet and Portable Package

The Lori CQ2 Hardware comes in a discreet and portable package, measuring H205 x W135 x D75mm and weighing only 380g. The overall length is 170mm with a maximum width of 75mm and an internal length of 150mm.

 Perfect for Lotion Play

This pussy toy is perfect for lotion play, providing a wet and slippery sensation for added pleasure. The non-penetrating design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Indulge in the hard and tight sensation of the Lori CQ2 Hardware pussy toy for men and experience pleasure like never before. Order now and make your wildest dreams come true!