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Onahole Masochistic male castration first machine sexaroid THE HOLE

Original price ¥4,000 - Original price ¥4,000
Original price
¥4,000 - ¥4,000
Current price ¥4,000

Made in Japan / Non-penetrating / Lotion included
Official collaboration of the popular adult voice circle "Domo Knights"? Dominatrix

CV: Mizuchi Umine
Illustration: Coffee @ AI Illustration

Masochistic males are thoroughly trained to be flirtatious females.
The content of the play invites the dominant mind, and is full of extraction points! Download card enclosed Reproduction of masochistic castration first sexroid's artificial masturbation pussy!
Insertion into the artificial vaginal folds and tight fake pussy optimized for cumming!
High stimulation speeds up the speed of sperming!

Package size: H210 x W145 x D85mm
Total length: 150 x 60 x 60mm 320g