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Onahole Nakadashi car sex with a beautiful boss who looks good in glasses on the way home from work

Original price ¥5,000 - Original price ¥5,000
Original price
¥5,000 - ¥5,000
Current price ¥5,000

Experience the Thrill of Onaholes Nakadashi Car Sex with a Beautiful Boss

Introducing Onaholes Nakadashi Car Sex with a Beautiful Boss - a masterpiece of pleasure brought to you by Tama Premium, made in Japan at their own factory. This superb toy features undulating and entangling stimulation, as well as tentacle folds for added pleasure.

The thick and fine folds undulate intricately inside, providing thrilling sensations that will leave you wanting more. The slippery tentacle folds intertwine with each other, while the thick folds stimulate the back muscles for added intensity.

The first half of the device allows you to feel the pleasure from the moment you put it in, providing a satisfying experience that will leave you coming back for more.

The package size of this toy is H210mm x W145mm x D85mm, while the body size is 180mm x 90mm x 80mm (total length) 660g. With its compact size and intense pleasure, Onaholes Nakadashi Car Sex with a Beautiful Boss is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add some excitement to their intimate moments.

Key Features

  • Undulating and entangling stimulation
  • Tentacle folds for added pleasure
  • Thrilling sensations throughout
  • First half of the device provides immediate pleasure
  • Made in Japan at Tama Premium's own factory
  • Compact and discreet packaging
  • Perfect for those looking for intense pleasure and excitement