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Onahole Rapid Penetration! Clear Rush

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Original price
¥3,200 - ¥3,200
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Seamless Penetration Hole with Lotion
Seamless penetration hole made of soft and hard material.

This hole is made of a clear material that is transparent all the way to the inside.
The entrance on the vaginal side is made of soft material, while the entrance on the buttocks side is made of hard material, allowing you to enjoy seamless changes in hardness.

The internal structure has a complex arrangement of folds and protrusions.
The internal structure is intricately arranged with folds and protrusions, creating tightness and thrilling sensations from all directions.

The hole is of luxurious specifications, with a body that is small enough for you to fully enjoy its thick texture, while also allowing you to experience the openness and tip stimulation that only a penetrating hole can provide.

Package size: H210 x W135 x D75mm Total length: 128mm Maximum width: 68mm 295g