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Onahole Sauna Girl

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¥4,200 - ¥4,200
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Experience Ultimate Pleasure with the Made in Japan Sauna Girl Onahole - Non-Penetrating and Filled with Stimulation

Discover the Unique Sauna Stove Structure

Experience the pleasurable sensation of the sauna stove structure with the Non-Penetrating Onahole. The protruding prongs tightly wrap around the base of the penis, providing a unique sensation that sets this product apart from others on the market.

 Indulge in the Soft Wrapping Folds

Four soft folds gently wrap around you, providing a comfortable and stimulating sensation. The countless warts attack the uterine zone, providing additional stimulation that is sure to leave you satisfied.

 Experience the Moist Sauna Girl's Interior

The moist interior of the sauna girl is filled with four protrusions that stimulate the tip of the penis. The non-penetrating design allows for a safe and enjoyable experience, while the soft wrapping folds provide a comfortable and pleasurable sensation.

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