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Onahole Shibuya gal cuckold revenge ring

Original price ¥4,000 - Original price ¥4,000
Original price
¥4,000 - ¥4,000
Current price ¥4,000

Introducing the Shibuya Gal Cuckold Revenge Ring - the ultimate pleasure experience that lets you unleash your wildest fantasies! This non-penetrating set, complete with a tantalizingly sticky pink clear hole, a sensitivity-boosting tightening ring, and an abundance of lotion, is designed to take your solo play to new heights.

Imagine the power of revenge as you humiliate that bullish gal who's been dating someone else. With this extreme masturbation pole set, you'll feel like the king of Shibuya, indulging in pure pleasure and satisfaction.

Compact in size but mighty in pleasure, this package is perfectly designed for discreet enjoyment. The dimensions of H172 x W100 x D72mm ensure easy storage and transport.

Unleash your desires and explore new sensations with our Shibuya Gal Cuckold Revenge Ring. It's time to indulge in your deepest fantasies and experience pleasure like never before. Get ready for an unforgettable journey into pure ecstasy!