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Onahole Virgin Loop Twin Force

Original price ¥3,700 - Original price ¥3,700
Original price
¥3,700 - ¥3,700
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Experience a New Dimension of Pleasure with Virgin Loop Twin Force

Are you ready to discover an unprecedented level of pleasure? The Virgin Loop Twin Force is a revolutionary onaholes experience straight from Japan, designed to deliver unparalleled satisfaction and excitement. With its unique design and thrilling features, this non-penetrating toy will take your pleasure to new heights.

Twin Inner Loops for Unmatched Sensation

The Virgin Loop Twin Force features twin inner loops that wriggle and move together, delivering an unparalleled sensation that will leave you breathless. The included lotion enhances the experience, ensuring maximum pleasure with each use. As the delicate sticks wriggle inside, you'll experience a creeping sensation like never before. The second half is fused with the outer loop, intensifying the firm and satisfying zorizo sensation.

 Explore Extreme Sensations with Firth's Spiral and Twin Tactile Pleasures

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience as you explore the extreme sensations of Firth's spiral combined with twin tactile pleasures. The unique design of the Virgin Loop Twin Force creates a thrilling journey into pleasure that will leave you wanting more.

Compact and Convenient Design

With a package size of H205 x W135 x D75 mm and dimensions of 155 mm in total length, maximum width of 80 mm, and internal length of 130 mm, the Virgin Loop Twin Force offers comfort and convenience. It's easy to store and transport, ensuring that you can enjoy your pleasure device whenever and wherever you desire.

Upgrade Your Adult Toy Collection

Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your adult toy collection with the Virgin Loop Twin Force. This top-quality onaholes experience offers an unmatched level of realism, unique sensation, and stimulation. Add the Virgin Loop Twin Force to your collection today and unleash your inner desires.