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Onahole Waller's gem

Original price ¥4,200 - Original price ¥4,200
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¥4,200 - ¥4,200
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Discover the ultimate sensory experience with Waller's Gem - a non-penetrative adult toy that will leave you trembling with pleasure. Complete with lotion for an indulgent experience, this adult toy features a unique texture of warty balls that will drive you wild with delight.

The hard walls are covered with hard meat, and the balls are overflowing everywhere, creating a dance of madness and joy. The internal structure of the cock is so hard that it will make men of the world tremble with delight.

This silky touch material offers a surprisingly hard feeling, making every sensation incredibly lifelike and satisfying. Made in Japan, Waller's Gem is a testament to quality and luxury.

With a body size of 15.0×7.0cm and a weight of 335g, this adult toy is compact yet substantial. The package size measures 20.5 x 13.5 x 7.5cm, ensuring a discreet and secure shipping experience.

Indulge in the warty ball sensation of Waller's Gem - the ultimate adult toy for those seeking a unique and thrilling experience. Don't wait - feel the hard pleasure of Waller's Gem today.