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SLEEPLESS Mariya Mamiya Love Lotion

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¥1,500 - ¥1,500
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Introducing the seductive and alluring SLEEPLESS Mariya Mamiya Love Lotion - an official collaboration product that will transport you to new heights of passion and pleasure. Made in Japan with the highest quality standards, this love lotion is formulated with natural moisturizing ingredients, ensuring a gentle touch on your skin.

Experience a tantalizing sensation as you indulge in the perfect reproduction of Mamiya Maria's love juice. The sexy and devilish scent of Mamiya will ignite your senses, creating an unforgettable experience. This fragrance is filled with the unique smell of women, exuding a captivating aroma that will leave others mesmerized.

But that's not all - this love lotion is also infused with female pheromones, enhancing your natural attraction and allure. The conveniently sized package allows for easy storage and discreet use whenever desired.

Unleash your inner desires and embrace the enticing world of SLEEPLESS Mariya Mamiya Love Lotion - where pleasure knows no bounds.