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Super Real Boobs

Original price ¥105,000 - Original price ¥105,000
Original price
¥105,000 - ¥105,000
Current price ¥105,000

Experience the ultimate sensation of softness and tenderness with the Super Real Boobs - adult toys that are designed to provide an unforgettable experience.

The boobs are modeled with the best finish, making all other silicone boobs a thing of the past. The boobs feature a double-layered structure that perfectly reproduces the softness of real boobs, providing a sensation that is truly out of this world.

The outer skin has a soft yet taut texture, similar to teenage skin, while the inside is soft and tender, as if the milk is about to pop out. The nipples are salmon pink and firm to the touch, providing an added level of stimulation and excitement.

Package: H12.0 x W39.0 x D30.0cm Main body: H22.0 x W31.0 x H11.0cm Super heavy weight of 3.7 kg

Made with exceptional attention to detail, the Super Real Boobs are a must-have for anyone looking for the ultimate sensation of softness and tenderness.