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Introducing ENEMA LOTION 200ML - your ultimate solution for a safer and more comfortable experience. Developed exclusively for the delicate anal area, this glycerin-free, high-performance lotion is designed to provide optimal viscosity and ensure a seamless blend with your skin.

Experience the difference as our specially formulated lotion adheres to your skin, delivering a moisturizing sensation that lasts. With its exceptional spreadability and protective properties, it creates a barrier to keep your skin feeling nourished and protected.

But that's not all - our original formula is silicone-toy friendly, ensuring smooth play without any disruption. After use, simply wipe off with a tissue for easy disposal, leaving behind no sticky residue or discomfort.

Packaged in a convenient size of H190 x W48 x D48mm, the ENEMA LOTION 200ML offers ample content (200ml) to meet your needs. Elevate your intimate experiences with confidence and comfort - try ENEMA LOTION 200ML today!