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Floor masturbation type PAD21

Original price ¥13,500 - Original price ¥13,500
Original price
¥13,500 - ¥13,500
Current price ¥13,500

Experience a new level of pleasure with the Floor Masturbation Type PAD21 - a non-penetrating adult toy that is designed to provide a tight and stimulating experience.

The toy features a stimulating fissure structure that can be felt at the break between the folds, providing maximum pleasure and satisfaction.

The toy is designed to simulate the tightness of PAD18, which gained popularity due to its unique design and stimulation. The high and short folds provide space between the folds, making it easier to feel stimulation and enjoy a truly satisfying experience.

The tightness of the toy is as if to reproduce the tightness of PAD18, providing a unique and pleasurable experience. If you use the back part of the toy to release the air, you can feel a more intense vacuum and a more intimate experience.

Package: H30.0 x W34.0 x D9.0cm Weight: 23.5 x W22.0 x D6.5cm #Main body weight: 1300g Registration Date: 11/24/2021

Experience the ultimate in floor masturbation with the Floor Masturbation Type PAD21.